Amazing Abacus Academy

How Amazing Abacus Academy different from others?

As We have more than 12 years of experience and currently We are passionate trainer with experience in training lot of students and teachers. It helped me to winning lot of students in State, National and International championships, in fact We can proudly tell that We have far better results given in terms of results and feedback of parents and students when compared to others abacus academy in India.

1.We provide 100% results

2.We provide quality feedback

3.We work on faster learning and better listening program

4.Our company conducts own championship on State , National, International levels every year .

5.We have Good tutors, interactive learning modules and fun learning portals which is very beneficial.

6.With the introduction of many innovative tools and materials, our academy stands apart in the league.

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Ms. Neha Gupta — Master Abacus Trainer 🧮

Amazing Abacus Academy Students

Amazing Abacus students have got the many rewards in the competition

Amazing Abacus Academy Achievements

Franchisee details :


Fees: 30,000 /- (one time payment including teaching kit) No hidden cost No Revenue sharing.


Training Days : 15 (As per teacher requirement) Backhand support will be provided always


Required documents: 1 Passpost size Photo, 1 Address Proof

Action Plan for Abacus Classes by Amazing Abacus Academy

1). What is an Abacus?

Abacus is a simple tool or a hardware used for performing rapid arithmetic calculations. Calculation based on abacus was invented at ancient times and now widely used as a brain development programme.

  • Children do fast calculations in mind by visualizing Abacus bead
  • Researches prove that Abacus learners use both sides of the brain- left hemisphere & right
  • Highly effective in improving the concentration level of

2). What is Mental Arithmetic?

  • *Mental Arithmetic’ is a term used in Abacus for the calculations done in
  • *Even large numbers can be calculated in mind, that too within seconds
  • *Mental arithmetic’ improves student’s imagination skills
  • *Effective in cracking competitive time based
  • *Mind calculation enhances the concentration level of

Course Structure for Student: Total Levels: 8

LEVEL 1: Addition & Subtraction without Compliments. …

LEVEL 2: Addition & Subtraction with small and big Compliments. …

LEVEL 3: Addition & Subtraction with Mix compliments …

LEVEL 4: Addition, Subtraction and with multiple digits. …

LEVEL 5 : Multiplication and Addition / Subtraction.(e.g 34*5)

LEVEL 6 : Multiplication (e.g 34*32) and Addition / Subtraction.

LEVEL 7 : Division (456÷5) and Addition / Subtraction.

LEVEL 8 : Division (456÷25) and Addition / Subtraction

Student’s kit includes per level: 2 books + 1 tool

Training program:

  • Children from age 5 + years are eligible to learn Abacus
  • Our Mental Arithmetic Program is divided into two categories :
  • (1) Abacus JUNIOR – 4 Levels ( 12 months program )from children of age 5 to 10
  • (2) Abacus BASIC – 8 Levels ( 24 months program ) from children of age 10+
  • Each level takes 3 months ( 18 classes)

Course Structure for Teacher:

  • It’s a 15 days Training Program for a Teacher
  • Covering all 8 levels in one Teaching Kit
  • Teaching kit includes: 1 Book and 1 Tool

Fees Structures:

Fees for Abacus JUNIOR and Basic Program

Fees for Abacus Teacher Training certification Program

  • Tuition Fee : Rs.2000/- for 8 classes
  • Kit charge : Rs.500 (Books + Tool)
  • Examination Charge Rs.300
  • Earn while learn
  • Work from home or school
  • Rs 30,000/- including Teaching Kit

We Have Trained